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Picture IQ Guess The Word Hack

Features of Picture IQ Guess The Word Cheats

http://cheatshacktool.com/image/tick.png    Infinite Coins Generator

http://cheatshacktool.com/image/tick.png    Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer Supported

http://cheatshacktool.com/image/tick.png    Opera & Safari Compatible

http://cheatshacktool.com/image/tick.png    Internal Proxy System

http://cheatshacktool.com/image/tick.png    User Friendly Interface

Picture IQ Guess The Word Hack Trainer Cheats

Their are many kinds of game and few games are just amazing that they always makes you addictive and this new game is one of them. It shows you 4 pictures and after seeing these images, you need to identify a single word out of it and then select the available characters to type that word and if it is correct then you receive coins else you can keep trying it out. But as always all the games wants to monetize their game and in this, it allows you to use the specific amount of available coins to reveal a single & the first character of the suitable word.

Now if you get stick to the particular puzzle you must keep using your coins and trust me guys, at higher levels even the minded people need more and more coins which makes them to purchase it using the real money. With the help of this Picture IQ Guess The Word Cheats, you can now generate unlimited amount of coins in your account for free and this hacking tool works with all the web browsers as you can see in the above given picture. It has also got an additional feature that allows you to use proxy at the time of funding your account which makes it the safest available cheats for this game.

How To Use Picture IQ Guess The Word Cheats?

To use it first you must download it from the bottom of this page after completing the given steps. Now start the game in your Facebook account and then open up the downloaded tool which will look exactly like you can see in the above given image. It will be having the column to enter the amount of required coins and then you need to fill up these options accordingly. Select the preferred web browser from the given list and then click on “Internal Proxy System” to get hidden and then finally click on “Apply Hack” button to start the process of hacking.

This process normally takes around 3-5 minutes to get complete and after it gets finish, just switch back to your browser’s window and now you will be able to see the added amount of coins in the game. Now you can reveal as much as letters you can and now its even possible to completely solve all of the puzzles very easily. Friends are having competition these days in this particular game and now no one can stop you to lead all of your competitors. Lets see how your account looks after using our Picture IQ Guess The Word Hacking Tool.


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